Arizona Birds solicits papers that are useful to amateur field ornithologists and also contribute significantly to scientific literature.

The journal welcomes contributions from both professionals and amateurs. Appropriate topics include distribution, status, identification, geographic variation, migration, population dynamics, and ecological needs of birds. Good photos of rare or unusual birds, not accompanying an article, but with caption including species, date, locality, and any other pertinent information, are wanted for publication.

Interested in getting involved? Visit the Submit an Article page for more information and submission guidelines.


Beginning in 2017, Arizona Birds incorporated Arizona Birds Online, the Arizona Field Ornithologists journal, which has been published since 2005.

When the journal first appeared, the plan was to publish two to four times a year as discrete issues in PDF form online. It was unable to sustain this schedule, and articles appeared when they were available.

We have now changed the journal’s name and established it on its own website with its own design. We have extracted all the previous articles and organized them by year with an index in an attractive and accessible format. Our style for articles has been evolving, and we are standardizing it to conform to the specifications of Scientific Style and Format, the Council of Science Editors Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers (8th edition), which is the guideline for most other peer-reviewed scientific journals.


  • Doug Jenness

Editorial Committee

  • Walt Anderson
  • Charles Babbitt
  • Chris Benesh
  • Kathy Groschupf
  • Roy May
  • Dave Stejskal
  • Mark Stevenson
  • Rick Taylor
  • Sheri Williamson
  • Rick Wright


  • Kathy Groschupf
  • Karen Kluge
  • Tom Lewis
  • Kerrie Anne Loyd