Notes on Nesting Osprey in the Kaibab National Forest

Articles | By Elaine Morrall | Accepted January 01, 2005

In 1987, under the direction of U.S. Forest Service personnel, nine volunteer birders surveyed nine man-made lakes on the Kaibab National Forest for nesting Osprey. Only one nest was found – at Scholz Lake. Since then, Kaibab Ospreys have been surveyed and monitored in an effort to track improvement from the sadly depleted population of earlier decades. For some years following 1987, Osprey observations were scarce. In 1992, however, the Arizona Breeding Bird Atlas project began, with Whitehorse Lake located in an Atlas block on the Kaibab. Although the other eight lakes were not situated within Atlas priority blocks, an effort was made to survey them at least once each season. This article describes the findings of the annual surveys, which included locating up to seven Osprey nests.