Eurasian Wigeon, Paradise Memorial Cemetery, Maricopa County

Notes | By Kurt Radamaker, Pierre Deviche, and Chris Benesh | Accepted January 01, 2008

Photographic summary and notes on identification of female Eurasian Wigeon

There are many published reports of Eurasian Wigeons in Maricopa Co. and elsewhere in Arizona, but the vast majority of these are of adult male birds. This is likely due to the fact that adult males are much easier to identify so females and young males may simply be overlooked. With a better understanding of the specific plumage features that separate female and young male American from Eurasian Wigeons, observers should have a better chance of finding Eurasian Wigeons in flocks of wintering American Wigeons. A wigeon photographed 20-21 December at Paradise Memorial Cemetery in Scottsdale by K. Radamaker and P. Deviche was identified as a female Eurasian Wigeon. These photos help show how to differentiate female American and Eurasian Wigeons.