Arizona's First and Second Records of White-throated Thrush

Notes | By Linda Grant and Doug Jenness | Accepted November 03, 2020

On 9 January 2019, Linda Grant discovered and photographed a White-throated Thrush (Turdus assimilis) at the Madera Canyon Picnic Area (Pima County) in Madera Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains. This discovery is the first record of this species for Arizona. From 9 January through 24 February this bird was seen at the Madera Canyon Picnic Area and ranged as far north as the Proctor Road area, 1.7 km. On 23 February this bird visited the water feature at the Santa Rita Lodge (Santa Cruz County). On 28 May 2019, Lynn Jacobs reported a second White-throated Thrush from his Tucson yard (Pima County). This bird remained for 2 days. The Arizona Bird Committee (ABC) has accepted both records and considered these birds most likely to be distinct individuals (pers. comm. L. Harter).